Fords needs a wagon!

I am currently spending a lot of time in Europe and I love seeing all these wagons. Mondeo (Fusion) wagon, the new Focus wagon. I even saw a Focus ST wagon which looked amazing. Most of my friends are car enthusiast but as we grow older and starting families we want something practical, fun to drive and fuel efficient. We don't want boring mini vans or inefficient and hardly fun to drive cross overs. We want fun to drive wagons. Wagons handle like a car (sometimes better), are efficient and offer as much or more room than SUV's and cross overs. Please bring us fun to drive wagons and stop forcing cross overs on us.
Jim L 07/08/2013
Fuel efficient and more room then x-overs or sport utes - one at the Focus size would be ideal - Fusion as well - and then have a real capacity hybrid / or Energi wagon to boot...
Well V 02/21/2013
Ford Fusion Wagon is a beaut!! I hope they bring it to Canada, would pick one up in an instance. If not, might be forced elsewhere
Chris M. 01/04/2013
If Ford brought the Mondeo wagon or a Focus wagon I would buy immediately! My last Ford was a '67 T-Bird I had in high school so I am long overdue...
William M 12/28/2012
Amen on this one,,,also the wagon will make an excellent model for the Ranchero.
Craig D 12/13/2012
I love the new Focus and Fusion models. I'm hesitant to purchase as I'm hoping Ford will introduce the wagon versions in the US. That's what I really want.
Duan D 12/04/2012
Couldnt agree with you more, America just needs to be brainwashed to not think of wagons in a negative light. I would love to see more wagons,