Ford VIN Smartphone/Online App

By John M.

The idea is that one could install this app on their smartphone, or simply go to the Ford webpage.
The app/page would allow a Ford/Lincoln/Mercury owner to input the user's VIN and the mileage. After VIN and mileage are input, the app/page would then show what normal servicing is done to the particular vehicle around that mileage. There could be some sort of "confidence level" surrounding said mileage, such as 5000 miles below and 5000 miles above the user's input mileage.
Granted, every vehicle comes with an owner's manual, the reality of ownership is that an owner rarely looks inside the manual. This app/webpage idea could prove an easier way to improve owner confidence.
Andrew h 12/20/2012
you could also track your fill ups for export to fuelly or for personal records.
John M 11/30/2012
I should have thought of a better and catchier name for this... Ford Owner App.