Ford Transit Connect Postal Van

The Postal service has had some very good vehicles and some very bad. Right now, it's probably a toss up. I think the Transit Connect would make a great vehicle for carriers. Forget all the pluses of size, etc. The only thing a carrier cares about is how to get the mail in and out of a vehicle.
With a properly designed interier I think your vehicle would be great. Because it has doors on both sides, this allows the carrier to operate from either side.
The way I suggest the interier should be is a open area on the floor for packages from the rear to the front. The there should be pull out drawers for the rest of the van. The pull outs should be able to be pulled out the back doors and also the side doors. Thus giving easy access to the entire cargo area. According to a carrier friend of mine, the only vehicle they had that was worth a darn was the Jeep.
I would think you could place at least three stackable pull out drawers in a van of this size.
For as many vehicles that the postal service buys, I am thinking you could sell a lot of these vans.
Brian 06/30/2014
Great Idea. Need to have 4 wheel drive and LP Gas as options.
Brad B 05/22/2014
Hey Ford ! The TC would make a great postal vehicle. One thing to consider is a right hand drive model for the rural route carriers to have. In NC they have about run thru any of the older cars with a column shifter. The flooe shifter dosen't play well for the rural carriers.