Ford Remote Starter In Dash Menu Integration

My idea is that Ford should integrate the Remote Starter menu into the in-dash menu system when installing any Ford Remote Starter. (What's the benefit of buying a Ford Part if it doesn't integrate?)

I purchased a 2014 Ford Fusion that did not come with a remote starter from the factory. However I did purchase the remote starter from the dealership at the same time I acquired the car and had it installed by the dealer's installer.  I assumed that part of activating the remote starter would include activating the remote start menu in the dashboard menu system.  This was not the case.

It seems to me that it should be simple to enable or add this menu option to a Ford Car when adding a Ford Part to the car.  If the car came from the factory, with the exact same remote starter installed on it, then the menu option would be there? 

Thanks just the same Ford! The Fusion is a home run in my opinion!