Ford Ranger update

By Dave E.

Rumor has it that the Ranger will be discontinued at the end of the model year. I think this is a huge mistake if it's true. The Ranger is a tough truck. My son has a '98 4X4 with over 200K miles on it - looks showroom new. Take a drive down any Interstate and look at the number of contractors that use the Ranger for their businesses. More than any Colorado or Dakota. Not everyone needs a F-150. And as a personal weekend truck it's ideal. Consider putting one together with a Diesel or Eco-Boost. We need a tough mid-size truck - the Ranger is the answer.
Ben 04/04/2012
As a Ford enthusiast, I highly agree with this. I would prefer to see the Ranger. Another above comment is true, not everyone needs or wants a large pickup. The thing that I am most disappointed about is(speaking in terms of trucks/SUVs) that is seems that Manual transmission as gone extinct. If I were to want a manual truck I would have to look towards other brands or older models. Your options are endless for large trucks; but when it comes to small or mid-size trucks, they have been nothing short from being vanquished from the Ford lineup. Within the 2012 year, I have seriously pondering getting a Ford Escape( I would be fine with, except again, no manual transmission), or looking into a small or mid-size truck from another brand. I hope you listen to your customers that want nothing more then to be behind a Ford.
Paul M 03/26/2012
Every friend of mine who does contract work owns a small pick-up. Some are Rangers, some older Tacoma's, and even an Isuzu and Mazda B2000 thrown in there. None of them are interested in a full size for their work. Listen to us Ford; people still want small trucks.
Curtis H 03/19/2012
We need something besides 5k pound 25k dollar trucks . If Nissan would bring the NP200 or NP300 Workhorse up from South Africa they would sell so well Ford would have wished they had done same in my view. The Nissan D21 is still sold in Venezuela and it is exactly what many of us need . Many of us don't want Sync and high MSRP . Ford please go back to the basics - the Courier similar to above D-21 mentioned is what is going to sell.
Robert T 03/16/2012
If it has to be a Ranger, buy several now so you will have one for a long time. One ride in a Colorado will change your mind though.
David D 03/15/2012
If only Ford sold the new 2012 Global Ranger in the United States...
Tony V 03/15/2012
Great comment and very true. Ford doesn't seem to be listening to it's owners on the Ranger.