Ford Ranger - Bring it Back Now!

By Paul A.

Ihad a 1989 Ford Ranger xlt 4x4, that took me to the tip of Baja and back 3 times while chasing for this offroad team or that. MyRangerwas also my daily commuter truck and never failed to get me to where I needed to get to. When I got married and had kids I needed an suv, so I chose the Nissan Xterra 4x4 and it to has served me well, but of course it is not a truck.

Now I need another truck! Something I can haul my dirt bikes with, tow my waverunner with, haul my camping gear for Boy Scouts with, while also being able to haul my kids to school every day. I also need a truck that works as hard as I do. I am constantly out in the field inspecting construction sites and a rugged truck is necessary.

What I don't need is a bloated truck like the F150, Chevy Silverado or Dodge Ram. I see those poor saps at the gas pump hating life or trying to park their oversized truck in the school parking lot and it just does not happen.

Ford, You need to get off your bun buns and bring back the Ford Ranger. I love the new Global Ford Ranger, but what good is loving the truck if I can't buy one? Hell, I am even thinking of buying a Honda Ridgeline because it suits my current needs better than the F150.

Recipe for success: Global Ford Ranger, 4dr, 2wd and/or 4x4, 6spd manual and/or 6 spd automatic, 4cyl gas and turbodiesel or V6 gas and turbodiesel, make it safe and economical and you will sell millions of them.

Ford- You can sit on your butt and do nothing and lose thousands of loyal fans, or bring back the Ford Ranger and restore the faith in all of those who believe in the Blue Oval.
Joey S 12/23/2013
Lots of people are wanting smaller things like the smart cars. Ford needs to add the ranger for people that don't need the size of a f-150.
Daniel M 12/13/2013
Killing the Ranger was one of the absolute worst things Ford has ever done. The only thing I can think of that Ford has done worse is to kill the manual transmission in all their trucks. No manual transmission = no sale to me.
Jason F 11/21/2013
Bring the Ranger here, especially with a diesel, and I will go buy one.

Perhaps I don't want a full-size truck. They have suffered from elephantitus in recent years and I can't even fit one in my garage. I used to have an F-150 from 1994. I could reach over and get stuff in and out of the bed. Today's trucks have just giganticized so much that I can't even do that and I am tall.

By the time you add crew-cab the prices start skyrocketing pretty fast anyway.

I just need a small basic truck for a mulch gopher who might want to pull a 3000 - 5000 pound trailer once in a while.
William S 11/20/2013
Bring back the Ranger as a Ford F100 Ranger to protect F-Series sales similar to 1978/79 when the Ranger was an option package. Make the new Ranger slightly larger than the previous model only to be configured as a standard cab and supercab to keep the weight down and the M.P.G. up. Utilize the existing vast ecoboost lineup for power with a six or seven speed transmission that could be shared with the Mustang. General Motors will soon grab a large portion of the compact truck market with their return of the revised Colorado and Canyon as the other existing compacts continue sales growth.
Dominic P 11/04/2013
 I also have a Ford Ranger, but don't think too highly of it. (Horribly uncomfortable) However, do bring back an improved Ranger, but not the import Ranger. I want an American truck that's truely MADE IN USA and Canada 100%. Afterall, the domestic truck market is unique to the USA and Canada.
Andrew B 11/02/2013
the new ford f-150s get really good gas mileage for being a full size truck. It actually gets better gas mileage than the honda ridgeline so don't say we are sorry at the pumps. They are also not that hard to park.