Ford Ranger

By Nick O.

Bring back the Ford Ranger.
Cliff 10/08/2012
I have been a Ranger owner since 1994 and have owned 5 since. I currently own a 2007 Ranger and it looks like I'll keep it until Ford decides to bring back or reinvent a small pickup.
Richard P 10/03/2012
The Ranger is a good size for our needs and our 98 has proven to be a great truck. I hope it will last until a new Ranger size is available from Ford or we will be forced to go to another brand. The F150 is simply too big for our needs.
Mark J 09/21/2012
Its interesting that up here we still have the Ranger
William T 09/17/2012
I just submitted the exact same suggestion. The ford F150 is way too big for my lifestyle and also for my garage. I am a 15 year Ranger owner and have kept every one for 200,000 miles !