Ford Ranger

Ford really needs to bring back the Ford Ranger. As many Rangers I see on the road, I was shocked to hear Ford dropped it. I have talk to many Ranger owners and they said they love it and are afraid when they will need a smal/mid-size pick-up. Because Ford is forcing them to buy Japanese. I don't know what Ford was thinking when they dropped it, but they need to think this Bad Idea. The Ranger had everything I need for my job and I will not buy a full size pick-up. Over 40k for what I need to much: Cargo Bed, Crew Cab, and 4x4.

Please bring back the Ranger.
matt 05/14/2014
ford has said that pricepoint difference is why they will not bring the ranger to the states. I think if the fuel economy was mid to high 30s it would destroy the competition.
Michael H 04/17/2014
The Chevy/GMC small pickup is returning and with a diesel engine as well!   Ford needs to bring back the Ranger with a diesel to compete!   Ford has always had the best pickups and trucks so you should do very well in this catagory as well!