There's no reason the passenger shouldn't be able to operate the navigation while someone else is driving. My simple to program solution (for many) would be to allow the use of navigation while driving IF a secondary paired phone is present in the car.

Yes, it's possible to defeat the intended protection, but it is more likely to verify that there are actually two people in the car and the passenger is the one using the navigation.
Michael W 08/23/2013
There is already a sensor in the passenger seat controlling the Airbag and Seat Belt Minder. Use that to determine if full Navigation function would be available. Same thing as having a Passenger reading a Map!
Roger P 03/04/2013
I agree. If the car sees that there is a passenger in the seat it should let changes be made to the navigation or edit your route.
It is not safe to pull over on the freeway just to update your route.
glenn b 02/08/2013
A sensor in the second seat would be OK for future production models, but to allow passengers in 2013 and older vehicles, it would be simple to use the technology which already exists and simply verify there is a second paired phone and then allow navigation entries while vehicle is moving.
Vincent Y 02/01/2013
This would be even simpler to do if the passenger detection system (is a butt in the seat?) was used instead of the second phone.