Ford Motor Company revolutionizing the automobile industry with air technology

The U.S. automaker that has the knowledge and technology to create pressurized natural air and use its power in production vehicles will revolutionize the automobile
industry. (Aka: Air Technology)

An automotive device would have to be designed and built that can vacuum suck-in and pressurize intake natural air and feed this pressurized air to the engine, transmission, brakes, and suspension system that all operate on pressurized air. Even vehicle windows can be raised or lowered by pressurized air as well.

Advanced aerodynamic exterior body styling + Low vehicle curb weight + Lightweight,
Efficient, and Performance air engine and transmission = Ford Motor Company revolutionizing the automobile industry and being the leading U.S. automobile maker.

Remember, a vehicle that operates on air is more economical than a hybrid vehicle that needs its batteries to be recharged.

Stan U 01/28/2013
What compresses the air, and where does the power come from for the compressor?