Ford Motor company building a mid-sized truck in the near future

Greetings Ford Motor Company:

I am a 57 years old man with bad knee joints. Trying to enter the cab of a current Ford F-150 is challenging because the drivers seat is so high up. Could Ford Motor Company build a mid-sized pickup truck whereby the drivers seat would not be so high up when entering the cab. You can open the drivers side door and slide your butt right onto the seat. Older aged people with slight physical disabilities also like pickup trucks as transportation vehicles.

John C 11/24/2013
Do you mean like a modern Ranchero?
Brad B 10/19/2013
Hey Ford !  How about an idea from our european brothers.  What idea?  Easy, a Transit Connect in a Cab only version model.  This is something Duane P. would like.  Get with a truck body company to offer a flat-bed unit with fold down sides, or a dedicated pickup bed with a tailgate, and finally maybe a tool box body.  Think about the Econoline cab models like I grew up around in the 1960's.  Retro works, why?  Because this was a great idea 50 years ago, and a great idea now. 
Jason M 10/16/2013
This is a good idea. In the meantime I suggest you look into aftermarket air ride suspension. If professionally installed with quality components, they can be very reliable and will give you what you're looking for. You'll be able to lower the truck when entering/exting and it will rise back up for added ground clearance when you want. It can also make pulling a trailer easier by stiffening the rear suspension to acommodate the extra weight. Semi trucks use air suspension all the time. Atually, Ford should offer this as a factory option! Lincolns and lots of other cars have been available with air ride for decades.