Ford Motor Company and Air Technology

Now that Ford Motor Company is putting advance technology into the vehicles it produces, why don't Ford Motor Company be the first U.S. automaker to introduce air technology to their production line of vehicles?
When I say air technology, I mean producing an engine and transmission that operate on pressurized natural air and not compressed air. An automotive device would have to be designed and built that can vacuum suck-in and pressurize intake air and feed this pressurized intake air to the engine and transmission that operate on air. Any engine exhaust air can be recirculated back to the engine and transmission for reuse. Engine type can be either piston driven or turbine driven.
Advantages of air technology:
1) Elimination of buying gasoline 2) Eliminate the spending on buying electricity to
charge batteries in hybrid vehicles 3) No air pollution or toxic exhaust fumes 4) No
tanks to fill up with either gasoline or air (When you turn the engine on, the above
mentioned automotive device begins to suck-in and pressurize intake air so no
stored air is needed) Besides, air is abundant and hopefully can not be depleted.
May Ford Motor Company consider putting air technology in its production vehicles by the year 2016. Especially in pickup trucks
Stan U 01/26/2013
Ask yourself this: How much energy is needed to compress the air? What provides that energy? How much pollution is saved if you still need to burn gas? Study the concept of "parasitic loss".
Paul M 01/25/2013
Sounds a little like a steam engine. But with what power source is the device mentioned above vacuuming/pressurizing air?