Ford Mondeo/Fusion AWD wagon

By Arne C.

I would like Ford to introduce the Mondeo/Fusion all wheel drive to the US market. I do not like the large, tall profile of suv's, prefer a car experience and want awd to go skiing. Please introduce! Thank you.

Normand G 05/03/2014
In this segment of the market, Ford is missing the boat, Our family has had Ford products in the driveway since 1931, and because of the lack of this model, we will be replacing the Ford wagen with either a Volkswagen or maybe the Chev. Cruze wagen that is planned for the 2015 model year.
An other thing that Ford is missing, is a diesel engine in the SUV and sportwagen segment, sorry to be forced out of the Ford family...
Clayton F 05/01/2014
Ford doesn't have to reinvent the wagon. A simple front wheel drive, normally aspirated model would fill many people's needs.
Gary G 05/01/2014
Hey Ford...I want it and I want it now!
Paul V 03/18/2014
I would personally prefer a Fusion/Mondeo/Vignale Energi wagon variant. AWD would be nice, but a plug-in hybrid is more important. Here in the SF Bay Area, and much of the West Coast, about half the cars I see in driveways are Audi, BMW, Volvo, VW & Subaru wagons. There is a market for wagons, especially as Climate Change makes SUVs undesirable. If Ford doesn’t see the light soon, they’ll be losing me to Volvo, VW, or whoever brings the 1st plug-in hybrid wagon to the US.
ed w 02/13/2014
Agree 100%!
Michael J 01/28/2014
Timing is right and if done right it could fill a nice gap in Ford's lineup. There is a total lack of affordable wagon's out there.