Ford Fusion 5 Door

By Carl G.

This has been stated by me and others over and over but you haven't listened yet. You have to make the new Ford Fusion in a 5 Door version as you all ready have with the Mondeo. I have a 2008 Mazda 6 - 5 door and its so convienent, practical, stylesh, etc., etc. Mazda never marketed it correctly when they had it and there is no competition except with the very expensive and ugly Honda Crosstour. I want a car that is stylesh, economical and practical, and I eventually want to replace my Mazda. There is nothing out there now and it you market the 5-door here correctly, it would be a big seller with little effort. Please give it a chance. Otherwise, I hope they come out with the 5-door version with the new Mazda 6.
Griffn1 05/17/2013
I don't think it should be AWD or look like a Wagon! The reason the Mazda 6 5 door was such a great car was because if you didn't know it was a 5 door, you couldn't tell just by looking at it. I think Ford should make this car as the sport model Fusion. All Sport models would be 5 doors and available with 6 spd transmissions. I believe anyone who wants this car as a 5 door would be interested in it as the sport model. And I agree with the original post, Mazda did not promote this car enough, people didn't even know it existed. I LOVE my 2004 mazda 6 5 door. Bought it new and have not replaced it because there is nothing to replace it with. PLEASE make a 5 door Fusion Sport available in a manual transmission (with the V6) that looks almost identical to the regular Fusion. If you market it, we will buy it!
Dean C 01/07/2013
would love a wagon + manual. that's what I have in my 2005 mazda6. AWD would be even more better. I would love getting it in a American brand rather than Asian or European
brad a 01/05/2013
Make it AWD and it'll compete with the Volvo XC70.
Alan C 01/03/2013
The new 2013 Fusion 5-Door is available as the Mondeo. It also comes in a very nice looking station wagon. Maybe when Ford starts production in Detroit, they will have the capacity to offer other model options.