Ford Focus Technology

When the 2012 Focus came out it had some cool technology, but why in the 2013 model year did it loose some of those features. Like for the 2013 focus model year, rain sensing wipers and an auto dimming rear view mirror that can assist the driver with the rear view from dimming out those bright headlights, but its no longer offered. Why is the focus loosing its cool technology? Consider adding those convinience features
David M 10/19/2012
I love both these options in my 2012 Focus. I have also heard that the visor remote option (which I also have) has also been dropped. There is a saying "The Devil is in the details". In the case of car choice "The Deal is in the details (options). The trend I see emerging is compact sporty luxury cars. When I bought my Focus the biggest complaint I had was that Ford did not offer enough options. When I looked to Ford for accessories the cupboard was sparse. Ford is removing any incentive I have to trade up to a better Focus or even another Focus. Ford was on track. Now they appear to be headed for the ditch. Are you out there Monty?