Ford focus technologies

Hello, i recently saw the new dodge dart and it is a little ahead of the focus in technology. that is very dissapointing because the focus has always been ahead in small car technology. the 2012 model used to have rain sensing wipers but not on the 2013 model year, you should consider bringing that back to focus, also consider bringing HID headlamps, a heated steering wheel, and the BLIS system to make the focus ahead of its class again, please consider thank you!
David M 10/01/2012
I love the rain sensing wipers in my 2012 Focus Ti. I can't believe they aren't an option in the 2013 Focus. You are right that Ford made a decisive move with technology. But now that quality and reliability are standard equipment in pretty much every car today the company with the most technology wins. The technology race is on. This is not the time to go backwards. I bought the most loaded Focus my dealer had ever seen. But there were a lot more options like HIDs that I would have bought had Ford offered them.