ford falcon

By Paul S.

if gm can rebadge a holden commodore as a pontiac g8 why not import or have local production of the ford falcon into the u.s.a. would be good replacement for the aging crown vics.
Paul Spriggs 01/10/2012
and and now the biggest nail in the coffin for the holden. gm is thinking of axing the holden arm of gm all together. yes gm bites the hand that helps feed it... yes mister dee we have a falcon based continental its called the ltd
Calvin Englehart 05/03/2011
A good one to import would be the Australian Falcon G
Series. Go Ford.
Paul Dee 03/21/2011
Forget the CrownVic ... and make a Falcon-based CONTINENTAL
Sasha Jaafari 03/17/2011
I agree, Ford is missing out on potential sales here. Despite GM axing Pontiac, Chevrolet seems to be taking up the slack and importing Commodores and using the Zeta platform for the Camaro. This should serve as a wake up call to Ford in Detroit.