Ford F-75 LTD 1/4T Pickup

There is a great desire around the US for a smaller, 1/4-Ton, V-4 Pickup with an extended cab and 6-foot bed, for those smaller jobs, or an in-city small truck with an extended cab. I would like to see a new pickup as a "Ford LightTruck-Delivery" - F75 - that could use a reinforced small truck frame, a V-4 engine with either an Automatic or 6-speed manual transmission, 12-gallon fuel tank (Gas/Diesel), with any of the body styles for F-150 - (Delivery van, Pickup, RepairBox, etc.) 
Phil B 08/16/2014
I too would like a slightly smaller fully capable 4 wheel drive pickup with good torque and power that fits in my garage a little better than a F150. I have a T100. Great size but gutless motor.