Ford Explorer Ground Clearance

By Alex M.

I think that the 2015+ Ford Explorers need raised ground clearance. I say this because the front bumper on the current(2011+) Explorers need more clearance 
I know ford has a low front bumper on the Explorer for efficiency, but i think the 4 cylinder Explorers need the low bumper since the 4 cylinder is about efficiency. I say that the V6 Explorers should have higher front bumpers because I know that Ford wants the V6 Explorer to be efficient too, but they could do it in a different way for the V6's, and more V6 Explorers need the offroading clearance, especially the 4WD Explorers. Everyone, including Ford, please take this into consideration. I think that the Explorer would be a much more capable vehicle if it had more clearance. Please comment on this post and share more ideas, thanks....
Bryan M 08/01/2014
I live in Colorado and really like the newer Explorers, but they don't have enough ground clearance for me to buy one. I do go off road, camping, snowboarding, etc.
Harry 02/05/2014
I agree on that. I have 2012 Explorer. I feel so bad in front of people when I scrub the underline of the front bumpr on Parking pavements. It should have air suspension or something.
art h 12/23/2013
The problem is that most people never take there cars off road. Most of us only use 4wd for the snow and the stock hight is fine for most of that.what would be cool if Ford could offer a vehicle hight system like air bags that could be inflated for off road than be deflated for highway driving. They could have a speed limiter so the vehicle would have to return to stock hight for the highway. Otherwise only option is a lift kit you could buy from Ford.