Ford Crown Victoria


the worst idea someone ever could have had suely was the one to abandon the Ford Crown Victoria from the palette of vehicles being offered to probably drive sales for the Lincoln Town Car.

No wait, now that this plan is not gonna work to take down the Lincoln Town Car as well. Ok, no one knows, except myself, that this plan really miserably failed, but what about all the folks, cabbys and their passengers, police men and other government officials that used to have this great vehicle at their hands?

I already started a Facebook page about an other issue. I should start one about this too. To get us out off this terrible situation and to bring back the Ford Crown Victoria to the streets - better then ever.

Bill C 08/12/2013
Ford Galaxie 406, 427 Impala, Hemi Super Stock Dodge. Big Fast Comfortable. Sleeper.
CJ 01/05/2013
I agree. I am a police officer and I was very sad to see the Crown Vic go. My PD recently purchased the new "full sized" Taurus Police Interceptor. What a joke! I am an average sized guy (5'11, 190lbs) and I have trouble getting in and out of the damned thing! With all the added equipment we have to carry around, it's a miracle a person can even fit inside! I wish Ford could update the Crown Vic, and bring it back into service as a police vehicle.
John B 01/01/2013
I know that FORD isn't every other manufacturer. You stayed afloat on your own and are to be commended for that! What were you thinking killing off the TC & Crown Vic? You also killed off another personal favorite of mine the Lincoln LS V8 &V6. Ford needs a full size V8 or TT V6 RWD Sedan and a mid size to accompany it! I personally own 2-2012 Fords a Focus and an EcoBoost Explorer; I really love them both but I cut my teeth on front engine RWD, THAT IS HOW BMW, Mercedes, and most luxury performance sedans are configured! Put Ford back in the game!
Kurtis S 12/30/2012
John A, what other models are there that are as big as the Crown Vic was. The largest Ford sedan is a Taurus. The Taurus is almost exactly the same size as my old 1969 Dodge Dart. The Dart was classed as a COMPACT. There are many of us who want a full size car, but no one makes them any more. Many people can only get in and out of a full size car comfortably. Try getting into a Mustang if your legs are disabled. I have no problem with automobile companies making toy sized cars for those who want them. I do have a problem with not having any choice anymore,
Bob B 12/29/2012
I agree the Crown Vic was a great car. My '91 got when new 18mpg around town 28mpg highway. With many miles went to 16mpg around town and 26mpg highway. Not bad for back than.
Danny B 12/28/2012
Yes! Ford should keep the Crown Vic and TownCar. It can morph into another style on the Mustang platform but please keep the Crown and Towncar.
Jim E 12/28/2012
Agree 100% on Crown Vic. Americans
want big rear drive cars. I think this is
why trucks sales are so high
Fords current Interceptor is better than it's predecessor. The current interceptor, based on the Taurus, can be euqipped similar to the SHO with the dual turbocharged 3.5L and AWD. This platform is better than the crown vic based car in handling, performance, and fuel consumption. The new taurus will work for non-interceptor applications also. The government official, cab company, and the average citizen can benefit from several engine options that will save money on fuel as compared to the crown victoria and still be plenty powerful. It has enogh room to accomodate also. I think we need a police officer's opinion who has experience with both.
John A 12/28/2012
Crown Vic is old, obsolete, and antiquated. There are better new models for each example you used.