Ford Atlas Built-in Canopy

Most truck owners at times need and wish if they had a canopy on their trucks since not always open truck beds work well for various types of use. Ford Atlas will stand out in convenience features further more if it offers a built-in fold-able and sliding canopy on the truck. Simply the canopy could be built from very light aluminum sheets that will be stored on the roof of the truck. Anytime there is need for canopy the driver can simply jump on the bed of the truck, pulls out the sliding aluminum sheets from inside or top of the truck roof and unfolds the right, left and back sheets of aluminum that will be clipped on the right, left & rear side of the truck bed tops and gets a canopy in a mater of minutes that can be folded back & hidden on the roof or inside the roof of the truck at anytime to get back an open truck bed. This will offer customers convince of both worlds with style ! The canopy sheets can even have high quality plastic tinted windows just in case some folks would like to use the canopy as an option to spend a night in the bush or while on a long road trip trying to take a nap for relaxation. This could be an outstanding feature of Atlas that might attract outdoors enthusiasts and people who would require flexible use of truck bed.