Ford 6.7 Diesel Active Regen on info screen

By Mark L.

Ford 6.7 Diesel Regen - Add a regen notification (longer than the 3 sec blink we have now) into the info center with a screen that shows you the following:
Regen start
Regen % complete
Dpf soot % level
Also screen should be available to show Dpf levels without an active regen going on.
I have a blank screen under gauges third to the right. That would be a good place to put it.

This would be a convience to know as well as a safety notification regen is still going on and how long til it's done since the exhuast heats up past 1000 degrees.
This would be much more useful than "Cleaning exhaust system" or "Drive to clean exhaust" messages.
Martin B 08/15/2013
I don't believe that all the soot level information would need to be displayed, but to have a ding noise when the regen screen pops up to notify us when it is happening.