Ford 2012 Ranger

Ford should bring the new 2012 Ranger to the US market and not worry about lossing sales to the F150, they would gain more from keeping in the smaller truck market than they would loose. Great looking Truck.
mark g 03/14/2012
New Ranger needed, just a hair smaller than the old one, add sport model with 3.5 eco boost. please make it home grown however.
William M 02/26/2012
I would like this idea a lot! I have owned my ford ranger since new (1998 model), and I love it! It is the perfect size for me. The truck is quite durable, cheap, and I enjoy having a rear wheel drive vehicle. I don't want a full-size pickup. It is already hard enough to find a parking spot in the city, let alone trying to find one large enough to fit a fullsize!

Oh well. I guess I'll be fixing up my ranger for a while until ford re-introduces something at a similar size.
Brian Barr 02/18/2012
Ford, we really want a pick-up with modern technology, style, value, performance, and capability, in a SMALLER package. Urban driving, parking, storage, are some of the reasons why the F-Series is not a good choice for many truck buyers. I think Ford would be pleasantly surprised at ANOTHER segment leadership position!
I just made a 2014 Ranger proposal...hopefully it gets posted'll be under performance.
Frank Zuccarini 02/03/2012
Another vote for bringing Ford's new Ranger to the USA.

I, too, was forced to buy a Tacoma, when I really wanted new Ranger.

Frank Zuccarini
Curtis Houck 02/02/2012
Ford needs a true compact truck with no frills and low MSRP in this buying market. The world platform Ranger is none of the above and for many reasons, i will never ever buy/own any sort of diesel engine for everyday use to and from work.
It's too bad Ford did not offer a lighter curb weight , light duty base F-150 with a manual transmission for a true light duty work for 2012 with a much lower MSRP. The Tacoma regular cab is looking better and better but that is because it's the only pickup in the class .

Sorry Ford but i can't be swung into buying a truck that is more capable than my needs so the F-150 won't work for me . Diesel and gasoline on the rise again and that platform Ranger is still yet too large for 90% commuter duties . New vehicle depreciation forces me to keep a truck for along time. I will need a new pickup with much lower than F-150 MSRP in the next 6-8 months with nothing on the horizon from Ford. Right at a time i really want to buy a domestic product as well. Oh well.
Jim Fields 02/01/2012
I own a 2000 Ranger and have been wanting to buy a new one. However, Fod has chosen to let the Ranger "die on the vine" for a number of years. I believe it's a mistake. Ford executives believe they can sell me an F-150 instead. They're wrong! The alternative to the Ranger is not the F-150, it's other brands. Right now, I'll look at the Toyota Tacoma and the Nissan Frontier. Ford will lose a customer.
Isaac Johnson 02/01/2012
I agree. I would buy a Ranger before I would buy an F-150. An F-150 is just simply too big for me.
Paul Matthews 01/31/2012
I like the idea of the new Ranger coming to the US, but for different reasons. The F-150 is overkill for it's intended role as the go-to truck for the everyman. It has great hauling and towing capacity, but for most people the new Ranger would completely fill that role in a much more efficient package. If anything, I'd phase out the current F-150, replace it with the new Ranger, and then bring release a small, utility truck similar to the old Ranger for the rest of us.