For the year 2014 or either 2015, will Ford Motor Company manufacture a pickup truck under the size of the F-150?

I would like to know if Ford Motor Company is planning to manufacture a pickup truck under the size of the Ford F-150. The Ford Atlas concept truck is nice, but I am not interested in buying a pickup truck with all that size and weight. A 3/4 sized pickup truck would do just fine for me. The Ford Ranger that was offered here in the U.S. cabin was not wide enough. As I mentioned in the past as an idea, Ford Motor Company should offer a choice to the public between 3/4 to Full sized pickup trucks. Also, the current F-150 pickup truck is manufactured around work productivity. Again, Ford Motor Company should offer the public a choice between a pickup truck produced for work and a pickup truck produced for Sport/Performance that has a sportier exterior body design with a very low wind resistance coefficient, lighter weight, great handling, and good fuel economy. It would also be nice if Ford Motor Company would bring back the step side/flare side cargo bed to the Ford pickup trucks. I will be buying a new pickup truck when the 2014 year model comes out. Currently, I own a 2000 year model Ford F-150 pickup that I bought back in 1999. Will my next truck be a Ford I don't know. I do like Ford trucks but Ford Motor Company has to offer what I am looking for in a truck in order to get my money. Finally, why is Ford Motor Company increasing the height of their pickup trucks by fitting them with 22" inch rims. Can't park your pickup truck in the garage anymore and people with physical handicaps or physical ailments have to struggle to enter the truck because the seat is to high up.

D. Porter
Arthur Kane 09/12/2013
I have a 2002 Ford Edge 4 X 4, automatic. I would buy a new one tomorrow if it was still available.
Richard P 08/29/2013
Sure is a need for a pickup smaller than the F150. F150 is just tooooo big.