For the F-150, bundle 36 Gallon Fuel Tank w/ HD Payload Package for 4x2 Models

By Andy S.

Ford leads the full size, half ton pick-up segment in terms of Payload and Towing Capacity when equipped with EcoBoost, 4x2 and the Heavy Duty (HD) Payload Package. However, you can't go very far with that full load on the standard 26 Gallon Fuel Tank :)

I'd recommend making the beefier 36 Gallon Fuel Tank standard equipment for the HD Payload Package on 4x2 models. Thanks Ford!
Jim 03/30/2013
Are you listening Ford. NO new truck for me until you offer the 36 gallon tank in the 4x2 SC
Daniel H 10/17/2012
It would be a good idea for Ford to switch the fuel tanks on the 2011 f150 Ecoboost with a trade in credit for the 26 gallon tank. It seems only fair.
Daniel H 10/17/2012
I agree
Jesse M 09/18/2012
I totally agree. I love my truck but HATE the small fuel tank.
Shawn W 09/07/2012
Even if it is not standard, an extended range tack should be a factory option. Heavy haulers need range!