Focus/CMAX/Escape Horn reconfiguration

While driving my Uncles 2013 Focus ST, i had placed my thumbs on the silver flashing on the corner of the airbag between the wheel and the audio controls. thinking the area where my thumbs were was just decoration and part of the actual wheel and not the horn like on a 2000 taurus we have, i put pressure on it to strech my back at a stop sign and the horn sounded shocking the daylights out of me. i would like for the cars that use that airbag to be reconfigured so that i can use the flashing area along the Audio controlls and spokes dont sound the horn. SOmething like how the Super dutys have ample room to allow you to rest your hands on the spoke but have ample space that allows you to use your horn. that was the only thing i disliked about the focus.