Focus windshield cleaning, courtesy wipe

Please provide a way to disable the courtesy wipe, the fourth wipe. When cleaning the windshield you spritz the windshield washer, the wipers wipe 3 times, pause, then wipes 1 more time. Most of the time the fourth wipe is not needed.
William s 07/05/2014
My 2008 Mariner does this and the local Dealers have told me there is no way to disable it. I have reviewed the diagrams and it looks like theres and "Electonics" IC in the motor itself. When it gets the wash signal, that IC provides the pulses to wipe the windscreen.
Mike S 02/05/2014
I don't understand why the ability to disable this "feature" is included in some models, but not others.
mee 12/16/2013
I would like it in the summer but in the winter with slime all over the road, all the courtesy wipe does is turn a nicely cleaned screen into a massive smear...  there is suppsoed to be a way to disable it on lincoln cars but I don't see it in the menus on my 2014 focus st