Focus ST with DCT Option! Please?

I was told by a Ford Customer Rep to post this here:
The 2013 Focus ST absolutely needs to have a Dual Clutch Transmission option.

The main competition for the Focus ST is the VW GTI. It's the most refined car in the class currently, and it offers both a DSG (DCT) and manual transmission - with a 50/50 split in the US betweent he transmissions. Ford not offering a DCT would effectively lose even the foot traffic from those cross shopping, they'd be limiting themselves in potential customers. And if Ford offered a DCT in the Focus ST, I'd argue that domestic shoppers would favor the DCT over the manual (pushing the 50/50 split in favor of the DCT) - different types of people go to buy a German car, typically quite loyal buyers. Given, I don't know how much torque the current DCT in the Focus can handle, but if it can handle the torque coming from the ST's engine, this is a simple swap with some programming changes/additional refinement. Costs would be minimal.

Aside from the business case for a DCT, there's a personal one too: I'd strongly consider purchasing a Focus ST with DCT. In fact, I've already ruled out the VW GTI with DSG - it's fantastic to drive, but with the short wheelbase, the ride is harsh and the car is missing a lot of convenience options I love. With the amount of miles I drive (17-18k/year), I just don't want to deal with the hassles of a manual every day. I'm leaning very heavily toward buying a new car in 2012, and currently my short list of possibilities are the 2013 Audi A3, 2012/2013 BMW 3-series, and 2013 Cadillac ATS. With the DCT option, the Ford Focus ST would easily make its way on that list - I love the chassis, love how the car feels solid like a German car, and love the convenience features (Sync, Recaro seats, Climate control, heated seats, etc.)... as long as the performance, ride, and handling held up over a test drive, Ford would have me for the first time ever as a buyer. The price advantage over the Audi, BMW, and Cadillac would be in the thousands, making the decision that much easier. And to top it off: this is coming from someone currently driving a 2008 Infiniti G35x, with my previous vehicle a 2007 BMW 328xi that I got new.

So Ford, I'm hoping you take this seriously, because I WANT to love the Focus ST, and would love to buy one. But without a DCT option, I will spend my money elsewhere.

Jeff C 08/17/2014
I completely agree that the Focus ST needs a DSG/DCT transmission option!  I had initially considered the ST as my next hot hatch, but was won over by the GTI's DCT transmission.  So the GTI looks like my next car.  However, I do love the ride and interior tech of the Focus ST.  An option for DSG/DCT on the Focus ST would definitely win me over to the Ford. 
john 06/30/2014
YES, please dct for the st!  I own a renault clio rs edc and it is G R E A T fun to drive! Priveuous car was a porsche 996 C4S Tipronic S. Also great fun. BMW M3 DKG = GREAT FUN. This has nothing to do whit knowing how to drive?! So every TOP driver in F1, DTM, RALLY, RALLY CROSS, etc. are bad drivers?! OK, they are not al DCT's, but it's the same philosophy.I would defently buy a Ford focus whit DCT.
Michael D 06/18/2014
I would absolutely buy an ST if a DCT was available; as it sits now, my next car is likely to be a GTI.
Charlie j 06/10/2014
NO. nonononono.  Learn to drive a stick, if you can't manage that then buy something else.  I'm sick of people ruining performance cars with autotragics. go buy a minivan
Thomas Sarac 03/16/2014
Own the 2014 ST and love the 6sp. quality manual transmission that it comes with, its part of the amazing driving experience the ST delivers, I vote an absolute NO to a DCT. If anything give us in North America the RS or the ST with an additional 50 horsepower and all wheel drive. That said hats off to Ford for making the best front wheel drive car ever in the Focus ST.
Herman C 01/16/2014
I own a Focus with the DCT and personally I think it would kill the driving fun of the ST. The DCT is to this day by far the worst driving transmission Ive ever dealt with.
William S 12/08/2013
A performance car built for driving enthusiasts should not be built to cater to those who don't know how to drive. 
Vance 10/10/2013
They should offer A Transmission like the old smg out of bmw m3. It's an auto with no torqe converter. Basically it's an auto you have to shift but don't need to use the clutch...I loved that transmission.
Daryl 09/03/2013
I would like to see an auto trans in the ST. I also considered Subaru wrx but they only have stick. This is necessary because I drive in Miami traffic everyday. It would be a plus for my wife if the ST had an auto trans.
Ron Stodgell 05/09/2013
The Golf VII GTI will have more power and a DCT. Ford would be wise to offer one too.
Scott H 03/27/2013
I concur with the above posts. I actually purchased a 2012 Focus Titanium and I love it. I have had absolutely no problems with the dual clutch automatic transmission, despite some of the reviews out there to the contrary. I decided to get the "civilian" Focus due to the 2013 Focus ST being solely a 6 speed manual. If the 2014 or 2015 Focus ST, or even RS (provided it makes it stateside) has a DCT option, I will be one of the first in line to purchase one. It's a guaranteed sale guys. Otherwise, I'm going to take my money and use it to amp up my current Focus, since it has the transmission I want to begin with.
Y 03/21/2013
If the Focus ST had dual clutch, I would also buy one in a second. I have never owned a Ford, but a 325i, 540i, and now a Camry. I hope Ford will take this thread seriously, and know that it would be foolish to think that by just offering it in manual, it is giving the market exactly what it wants: a hard core racer car. Maybe, that is what the RS will be, however, I'd buy an RS if it was offered in dual clutch as well. Since it is not offered in dual clutch, I will have no choice but to buy another brand.
Gerald P 03/17/2013
The car must have an automatic trans because my wife will be driving it too. The only slushpump automatic I would tolerate is BMW's 8-speed, but I would prefer a good DCT like Porsche's. Ford should reverse-engineer Porsche's design or, at least, offer one that works as well as the GTI DCT.
Chris H 02/14/2013
Ford, Please add a DCT option for the 2014 ST. I will be the first one at the local Ford dealer to purchace one.
Eric 02/10/2013
I'm also shopping for something of a "hot hatch" feeling car. The ST came onto my radar instantly. Then, I found out there was no dual clutch auto type transmission and immediately dropped it from the list. My first truck was a ford... Why push me towards VW? Subaru isn't getting this idea either. Despite most claims, I can drive a stick and don't WANT to. Further, my wife cannot and doesn't wish to learn. Scoop up the piece of the market you're missing Ford!
Andrew 01/13/2013
I love Ford. I own Ford stock. I love the Focus too, but I bought a VW GLI because the Focus ST was available only with a manual.
T 01/05/2013
I love driving stick but my wife wont drive one. I would buy an ST in a heartbeat with a DCT because she would be the main driver. I cant justify getting and driving a new car 80+ miles a day when my trusty 99 Neon R/T is still getting the job done.
Aaron Sim 11/24/2012
Ford, you GOT to have the DCT..Please!
Eric 09/20/2012
I have pre-ordered an ST3 which should arrive in about a month. But I'm still debating with getting a GTI and the DSG transmission is the top compelling feature. If the Focus had DSG it would be hands down.
Richard G 04/10/2012
I would like to add my support for this idea. I am VERY interested in the Focus ST but I unfortunately never learned how to operate a manual transmission. If the Focus ST came with a DCT option, even if it was a relatively expensive build-to-order option, and I'd give Ford my money right quick. I am a single guy with one vehicle that's coming due for a replacement. I want a sporty hot-hatch that I can do a little of everything with and I think the ST would be great if it could meet my needs.

The talk on this website proves that there's a market for it.
Grant M 03/05/2012
I drive stick in traffic for too long. Make the DCT work on the ST and have fun on "S" mode +/- toggle so I can redline shift or just let the car do it on it's own either way will be a blast and I will be first in line to purchase - PLEASE MAKE IT 2012 - I need to buy this year !!!
Michael Johnson 01/21/2012
Suck it up and learn to drive a STICK.....
Brad Krekelberg 01/06/2012
I would just wory about the manual being removed as an option if the auto outsells it. You already can't get a manual on higher models of Foci. Not special-ordered, no way, no how. You just can't, which baffles my mind. The GDI 2.0L and manual combination is available in the S and SE, therefore that drivetrain does exist. They just don't allow you to get it on the SEL and Titanium, and conversely there are some options ONLY avaiaible on the SEL and Titanium. So for example, you can't have dual-zone climate control and a manual at the same time. You just can't. BMW was offering the M5 only with an auto for a while, and you know what? People didn't like it!
Brandon Schele 01/04/2012
For those of you who manual purists, consider this: A DCT means more sales, which increases the chance of a Focus RS (which would be manual only) coming to the US, along with any future performance versions of the Focus.