Focus ST Wagon

By Dag M.

Ford, PLEASSSSSSEEEE bring the Focus St Wagon to US. While th new Focus is good looking especially in 5 door, the ST looks fantastic. I really can't wait But.... the wagon looks so classy and elegant. Somehow the lines smoothe out the great shape and lend it an air of sophistication.
I know that in this country, wagons are thought of as house-wifey but that is NOT the case if you happen to live near a school. Seems like the de riguer vehicle is the SUV. Wagons, especially sport wagons, are double duty vehicles. You get a sports car that can actually haul stuff around. My former Focus SVT, though not a wagon could handle 2 moountain bikes and gear, half of my band's equipment + PA, ski equipment, lots of groceries and twice a 55gal drum for a rain barrel, AND two people. And it still fit in small parking spaces and got 26 MPG.
To me the image of a wagon is one of a smart, active person, with emphasis on active. Plus, to haul ass in it is even better. BRING IT.
Margaret R 06/28/2013
Right there with you Dag M. Listen up Ford Motor Company - we want the Focus Wagon back in the US!