Focus ST Wagon

By Greg S.

Please bring this to the US!!! I really like my 2010 Focus Sedan, but would like a bit more room, a nice large hatch area, and a chunk more performance. I just love the ST, and the wagon would be a perfect fit for me, the hatch however is a bit too small (actually my 2010 Sedan is also, but I squeak by with it).

Also the wagon will give you a unique offering in the segment. It would be the perfect ticket for me with a good blend of performance, fuel economy and enough space to haul the wife and kids, or my golf clubs around when needed.
Lawrence C 10/24/2012
I want a this ST Wagon, in red... I don't care if it is auto or manual, but I do want a six speed. My last five vehicle purchases have been all Ford. I own a 2010 Ford Escape now, but don't like the new one. The Flex is straight out. I am handing down my Escape to my daughter for her first car and need a new one. Ford, please have this in the dealership so I don't have to settle for the hatchback or a Jetta Wagon. Thanks from Houston.
Steve W 09/16/2012
Who do I make the check out to?
Lee 09/11/2012
I agree but the car will need to have an automatic transmission available, not just the manual as it is currently offered. I would also like to see some of the European colors too.
Michael O 08/27/2012
I concur with all the above remarks. The U.S. market would welcome a smaill wagon with ST charactistics. Why let only the European market have this and not in the U.S.? If the ST hatchback is U.S. ready, what are the issues for making the wagon version available here? Can we buy one in Europe and bring it here (after a driving vacation in Europe)?
Please answer these questions for us loyal Ford customers in your next release on this website.
"Dane Grant" C 08/23/2012
I want a Focus ST wagon....
Justinn W 08/03/2012
Also agree. The Focus ST wagon would be my next car. There's a market, Ford!
James P 07/27/2012
I have to agree with the other comments on this idea. My wife and I are looking for a small- to mid-size wagon that gets very good gas mileage, and the Focus ST Wagon fits the description and has great styling! We have passed up buying a new car for 2 years waiting for an American wagon that is reliable and gets good mileage. There are numerous times we need the extra space a wagon has - moving larger items to and from work, and traveling on vacation. We hope Ford brings this wagon to the U.S.! We love what we've seen!
samuel t 07/22/2012
I agree, the U.S market really does need more estate cars/wagons, some people want the extra space than a sedan but don't want such a big gas guzzling SUV.