Focus ST w/ Automatic Transmission

Ford really needs to consider adding an optional 6-Speed SelectShift Automatic w/ paddle shifters to the Focus ST models. Not everyone can drive a manual transmission and as ive heard from many people including car reviewers that not having an automatic available is limiting sales to cars only available with a manual transmission. I would love to own this car but i cannot drive a manual. Consider adding an Automatic option to the Focus ST!
I agree with what you say, not all the people have the facility to use a manual transmission.
Walter W 05/12/2014
If you really want to compete with the GTI, you have to offer an DSG automatic. I currently have a 2006 Focus ST, but nearing retirement my wife demands an automatic which leaves me no choice but to get the GTI.
Donald D 04/16/2014
I drive a 120 mile per day commute in an ST. I understand why some folks would want an automatic on this car, but to me it's a bad idea.
curt k 03/14/2014
If you want to sell cars, give us choices that will want us to buy your cars.Dont be so narrow minded on a particular age group that probably cant afford the payments or insurance!
Lewis C 02/12/2014
The manual transmission is what still makes this car something to be proud of.
Eric W 12/08/2013
I am in the market to replace my Honda Civic with something more sporty, but still practical. The new Focus ST looked like a perfect option, especially in the yellow color. However, the lack of an automatic option has removed it from my list. Honda, Ford, and Mazda all seem to think people who want a sports version of their cars are all enthusiasts who only drive manuals. I can drive one, but have no interest in shifting on my daily commute. It looks like VW is the only one who gets it.