By Gary B.

1. obvious the engineers did no nighttime testing.....surely they would have noticed the glare from guages reflecting in windshield
made even worse by halo effect.....causes a HUGE distracting glare at eye level

2. engineers needed to cant the two main guages inside about 2-3 degrees, they are currently flat and sitting facing slightly away from eye line creating a parralax view problem that speedometer speed might actually be 1-2 mph over what is seen

3. left foot drivers pad causes idle foot to contact wire bundle under dash at left wall of foot area

4. no locks on anything in personnel security for even something small like cell with top dow and unattended

5. should have an option to auto turn headlights even during daylight when car started (see mini cooper's mykey)

6. should have top retract to same level as top of driver seat (at seat, below headrest)
Jabez H 08/08/2013
They need to put better racing suspention and better racing brakes on the Mustang.
gary b 12/17/2012
oops, accidently found the lock to arm rest box