Fingerprint scanners

We need to keep our vehicles safe from I came up with fingerprint scanners that only the owners and authorized drivers are allowed to unlock the doors and our fingerprints must be taken at the time of purchase!!! I believe that fingerprint scanners will keep people from trying to get into our cars without our knowledge and it is easier than losing a key which I've done thousands of times or locked my keys in the car!!!
Michael S 02/27/2013
People are going to start getting their fingers cut off when they get car-jacked... LOL
Danyelle M 01/23/2013

Quote on Quote (should be small children not teens) to keep out of the car due to small children locking themselves in the car and possibly starting the car up and driving it providing a danger hazard. This is what I was referring to..I don't think you were thinking outside the box like I was sorry!!! I think that option of having your fingerprint being scanned if you do get burned or cut etc would be available as a buyer to be able to be redone !!! The problem with keyless entry and number passcode unlocks is the fact that they (thiefs) have tools to get around that so it would not be sufficient :( I myself have a push start button and not a key for my car and if my round key thing is not in my car, my car will not start !!! I have to have my key in my car and press on the brake in order to start my car..that's sufficient if you ask me..If I leave my car running and I take my keys with me, the inside of my car dings and says keys have left the car and my car will not move anywhere it's a safety feature that was built with the car :)
Isaac J 01/02/2013
But then you would have to worry about problems with this if you were to have a family member drive your car or your kids driving when they get their license. And since you would have the fingerprint scanned at the time of the purchase, nobody else could drive it afterward. Not to mention your own print being changed due to scars from cuts, burns, etc. And this system by no means would prevent someone from just breaking the window to steal your car. Keyless entry and the number passcode unlock more than suffice in my opinion.