Fiesta 3 door

By Zach P.

As presumably a large portion of your Fiesta buyers are young people, who are single, and don't have families, it only makes sense to offer the fiesta as a 3 door. I commend your decision to give the American market the Fiesta ST, but unfortunately I probably won't be a possible buyer because I don't like having extra doors that I won't be using. I will be in the market for a new car in the next year and a half or so, and if by that time there is no 3 door hatchback offering from Ford, I will be buying the new VW golf mk7 when it launches here. I would prefer to buy an American product, but I'm not going to sacrifice what I want in a car in order to buy a specific brand.
Bill P 11/26/2013
Styling. weight and ingress/ egress make the 3 door the only choice I would make.
Dan R 11/14/2013
Holding on to my 03 Svt Focus ZX3, I agree with the other posts. Won't  buy another until another 3 dr hatch whether it's a Focus ST,RS or Fiesta ST. The extra doors keep the car from looking really special. I think they actually cheapen the otherwise hot look of both of these cars. It's like only being able to buy a 4 dr Mustang GT!
Tara M 09/11/2013
I'd buy a Fiesta if I could get it in a 3-door model.
Mike M 05/09/2013
Add my vote - Holding on to my Focus ZX3 - new 5 door pillarsis in the way and doors too small
Robert M 04/20/2013
Same with me. I have a 3 door focus just now as my 2nd car, for my commuting. I would buy a Fiesta to replace it, but they only have a 5 door in USA. I'm 6ft4, and can fit in a Fiesta comfortably, but the pillar is beside my head because the doors are so small. Every time you come to a junction and want to check your side view, you have to lean forward like an idiot to see past the pillar. Please Ford...fix this.
Irvin N 03/07/2013
Yup. Same here. Looking for a new car next year. Would buy a 3 door Fiesta 1.0 if it was available.
Michael G 02/18/2013
I like the way the 3 door Fiesta looks better than the 5 door. It is no doubt lighter in weight than the 5 door too.
I'll buy a 3 door Fiesta ST as soon as it's available. If only the 5 door is available, I will have to make a choice between the Focus ST, and for more money, the VW GTI.