Features Held Back From Focus ST

By Brad K.

I've noticed there are several features available on the Focus Titanium, such as the back-up camera and sensors, but are not available on the ST, presumably to keep the price down on the ST. I currently own a 2012 Titanium and plan on buying a 2014 ST. I will certainly miss these features. Please make them available on the ST also!
Brian M. 02/21/2014
Haha, and they included things like hill assist. If you can't start a manual from a stop on a hill, why are you driving an enthusiast car? That was the first thing I disabled, just extra wear on the clutch to overcome the brakes.
Volker H 03/09/2013
I disagree, the ST is the Grand Tourismo, if you want performance you go RS. What brought me (and others I spoke to) to the ST was the fact that it has certain comfort elements and 5 doors. Ford has advertised a car with all its features and is withholding them from certain markets. Among these are the washers for the front lights, parkings sensors, back up camera, door protectors etc.
Yes, that all was withheld to keep the price down. But we are willing to pay for these extras.
I never had a harder time to convince a company to take my money.
Giles B 02/22/2013
I don't need it but it's just embarrassing when people say "Oh, you bought a Focus? Is that the one that parks it self? No? But it has a camera, right? No? Oh, I thought you bought that top of the line one."
Chris H 02/11/2013
The ST is pretty much a step up titanium. It should have them
Vincent C 01/23/2013
Sorry, but if you can't back up without a camera or sensors, you have no business driving a performance car. Please keep the Titanium and leave the performance driving to us.