Falcon reboot

Im an Australian therefore the Falcon is a big part of my life, and being I am also a car salesman i speak for quite a few Falcon lovers,

I understand why this Aussie icon is dying, I also understand why unlike the Commodore it will not be sold overseas, BUT what i dont understand is why Ford is playing with the idea of making the final falcon with taurus components! why not the RWD Mustang?? If ford blended the two together, they would have the ultimate Muscle Car, or even something that could compete with the BMW and Merc's with both preformance and Luxury for a lower price, as well as keep thier idea of 'one ford'. its insane to make a RWD icon a FWD... Ford Australia are going to KILL their Australian market with this Falcon/Taurus, they tried the Taurus many years ago and were shown it didnt work, so why try again?!?!?! and why doesnt Ford listen to the 'people' and actually do something that is outside thier corporate comfort zone....
Peter W 12/08/2012
Totally agree with you, the falcon is a great car but ford needs to step up to the plate and put fresh ideas on the table like craig c.Taurus parts would be a disaster in a Falcon.
Ben S 09/14/2012
A fwd falcon would be 100% failure
Patrick C 09/14/2012
It seems that Ford's gameplan revolves around as few platforms as possible, even if that means a great car like the Falcon has to go away. We've alredy seen it here in the states as the Crown Victoria and the US spec Ranger have vanished, not because the weren't selling but becaue they were orphans and did not fit this strategy. The Falcon would put the Taurus to shame but the Taurus chassis is used for the Taurus and Lincoln MKS while an updated version is under Flex, MKT and new Explorer. The Focus chassis sits under so many for vehicles now but as long as they put a new body on it and load it up with tech (My Ford Touch) no one will notice! There is no commitment to make something special by Ford (see Lincoln!), just cost containment. I commend GM for updating the Zeta platform for the VF Commodore and creating the Alpha platform for the new Cadillac ATS and next gen Camaro. At least they realise the need to sell something special performance wise and luxury wise. I dont see Ford doing this in the future and perhaps that is a commentary on the majority of the driving public here in the states where tech based gadgets make a vehicle special, not driving dynamics and so there is no need to spend money on anything other than the Mustang performance wise ( i know the Focus ST and Fiesta ST are out there but we are talking RWD!). Perhaps because of the success of this model here it is going to be exported around the world even to those places that still value performance like Australia so i understand your absolute frustration watching something special whither and die. You can make a very long list of vehicles that Ford has nelected, needlessly so (like the Crown Vic, T-bird, Mark VIII and original Taurus) and im afraid that the Falcon will be the next addition to that list.