Falcon- Ranger and Crown Vic Replacement

Why not bring the Ford Falcon over from Australia to USA? It would serve as the perfect replacement for the Ranger and the Crown Victoria. The Ute version would make a great small pickup here in America. There has been great interest from both Ranger and Ranchero lovers alike. People want small pickups in America and there has not been an update to this line of vehicle recently. Ford would dominate over this market with the Ute option and it would not be as expensive or risky as a proposition for a new Ranger line since you are building on an existing, versatile platform.
It is also no secret that you are losing to the RWD platformed Caprice and Charger in the police market. Why not use the Falcon to replace the Crown Victoria as well. Police do not wish to retrain their officers on FWD and AWD platforms and they prefer the simplicity and reliability of a RWD platform. The Falcon would fill this need. I am sure there are many out there that would want to have a performance sedan (kids, ect.) as well since the Mustang is not four door and the Taurus is not RWD. If need be, I'm sure it would not be painful to many to have the Taurus replaced or integrated with the Falcon platform.
Matt N 10/25/2013
I completely agree! 
Check out my dashboard profile to see my opinions on the Ranger replacement issue. I had written a whole essay on this topic and i thought I was the only one!
Derek S 12/31/2012
The reason Ford doesn't offer RWD on the Taurus is because the platform doesn't support it. In order to have RWD, the entire platform would have to be scrapped and remade from the ground up, which is way too costly, and the reason they won't do it.
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Eugene K 12/13/2012
I think bringing back the Falcon UTE would be great to replace the Ranger.Everyone else is bringing back old models Challenger , Dart ,etc. With the cab and chassis model it could be a high mpg vehicle with the right cargo box for caterers , florists and other small delivery options plus regular UTE model for the person who needs to transport around the home items and pickup small amounts of building supplies , landscaping product or maybe just for a work vehicle or going to garage sales or auctions and grocery getter.
Peter W 11/30/2012
I am a just a fraction bias as i own a 2010 G6 falcon on dedicated LPG runs like a dream had it since nearly new has done 60000kms has not missed a beat, Our police Cars including Highway patrol are mainly ford falcons XT or XR6 or XR8 with some of those insignificant holdens (GM) seen on australian roads but saying that my favorite car has to be a 5th Gen Mustang Coupe would trade my G6 any day for the pony.
T C 11/30/2012
I agree! There should be a new Ranger, and a rear drive replacement for the Crown Victoria. But in all honesty I don't think we'll see a new Ranger anytime soon, and as for the Crown Victoria, the Taurus replaced it as Ford's new flagship car.

The Taurus has taken a while to grow on me as I was not really a fan of it in the beginning. The Taurus is a great car but it's certainly no Crown Victoria. What would make the Taurus an even better car is if Ford would offer it with an optional V8, and offer rear wheel drive as an option for V6s and V8s. After all it' offered as a front wheel drive, all wheel drive, so why not offer a rear wheel drive? I'm sure Ford will sell even more Taurus' if they came with an optional RWD.
Totally agree 100%.