I would like to see a hard/retractable tonneau cover from ford that can come from factory. I would envision that the plastic box caps come off and the cover can be integrated right to the top of the box, or come as part of the box assembly. The tonneau/retractable cover should have a tool box option as well. I would also like to see a rail option where you could add products from Thule or even Ford's own accessories. I don't like the look and fit of the aftermarket covers as they are a "one design fits all" type of cover and they never really fit perfectly.
Shawn H 06/11/2012
All of these are good ideas. I was thinking of retractible stakes around the bed that could raised making the bed into a semi-steak bed for higher stacked loads. Maybe even a storage box located between the bed and cab? The space beneath the rear seat on the Extended and Crew Cabs would also make great storage area's since the seats usually are sitting on stuts back there.