facial recognition

My cell phone has facial recognition software, and with the focus on convenience in vehicles these days, I thought why not incorporate that in to Fords! If you were to put a small cell phone camera near all the doors, as well as a proximity sensor for the vehicle to know when the keys were within 10 feet of it, the owner could simply look in to the camera to open up which ever door they're standing next to. If the owner happens to be a mom with full hands and can't access her keys to open the rear lift gate of her ford escape, she could simply look in to a small camera to open the lift gate and drop off her groceries.
Mike H 09/04/2012
My evil twin would steal my ride. Facial recognition technology still has a ways to go.
JJMJRDEC J 08/05/2012
its a idea, but is it cost wise,the bottom line is profit.