I am back again to talk about the F100 that I mentioned the last time I was on. Thie would be kind of a purpose bult truck for the outdoors type just a simple lite duty truck that is not loaded up with a lot of fancy stuff. Something with a regular cab and a short box , manual trans, rubber floor covering, bench seat and offer some potions. Paint it basic earth tone colors, give it 15" steel wheels. Make it basic and simple. I think you would superized at how maney Ford would sell. Get back to the basic truck again.
tully h 05/02/2013
thats what we are all talking about cheap economic basics
TSM 04/16/2013
Add on to Dominics, then ADD A DIESEL! WING WINDOWS? thats a thought, not sure why they were done away with, 4X4 AUTO
dominic p 04/09/2013
AND HOW! THAT"S WHAT I"M TALKIN' ABOUT! Personally, give me an extra cab, but, HELL YA bring back the basic truck again with no air conditioning and a manual shift and roll up windows and why not put those little tilting windows back in the door that direct air into the cabin The one thing that needs to be different though is that there needs to be a level of refinement or quality when it comes to ride and comfort. Make the cabin quiet when the windows are up or even down (surprise us), make the seats and seating position therapeutic and and make the ride smooth as possible without the jars and bounces. I mean, make the truck so that it can be driven across country without comfort issues. I currently drive a regular cab Ranger and that truck whips me after an hour of driving. I hate it for that. As well, give it tilt/cruise, a rear sliding window (manual of course), a kick ass stereo system and engineer it to be Ford Tough, durable, easy to maintain and repair. On 4x4 models, offer a rear and front differential locking option because trucks are too limited without this option and yes ground clearance and skid protection. I'm ready to buy now.