F-150 Turbo Diesel

By Sal U.

I have no doubt that Ford has the ability to deliver an F-150 with a V6 Turbo Diesel that gets superior mileage along with more than enough torque.
Everyone who has ever driven a Volkswagon Diesel knows how few fuel these consume.
I just think here lies a lot of potential, with a with a Turbo Diesel Ford might even be able to sell F-150 in overseas given theyre advertised properly.
Just wanted to bring it up, since I think it's worth considering. I just think most Americans are not really aware of TD potential. Thank you
Kenneth Y 04/20/2012
There was an article about F150 Turbo Diesel V6 that gets 30 mpg years back on one of trucking website.
Let's get that on the show window FORD!!!!
i agree we need a tough diesel. i want to drive around town and get good mpgs
Mike B 11/27/2011
I've been hoping for this combination for YEARS! Ford uses V6 TDI engines in their commercial bob-tails (sourced from Mazda of Course). The mileage and torque numbers would be comparable to the Ecoboost... but what I want is the 250,000 mile reliability! Give me my F-150, Turbo-diesel, and 6 speed transmission already!