F-150 'short bed'

If the Ranger is to be gone for good, introduce a F-150 with a shorter bed. Some people in the city might find a shorter overall length F-150 a little more maneuverable, and still have the truck meet most of their daily needs. Call it a "access bed" or something like that. Add a cab like that of the Chevy Avalanche to potentially increase payload if needed. Some new style of the 'ram box' on the sides or inside of the bed. In most cases a bed extender could do the trick. Could even add it to the F-150 Raptor line to increase off-road performance. Less weight, more maneuverable, better fuel economy; what more could you want.
Phil M 11/12/2012
Sport Trac with a 3.7 would be cool - Super Cab with 5.5 box and 3.7 or 3.5 would be perfect.
RONALD M 10/19/2012
Dud that the Ford F150 super crew with a 5.5 foot box. And it looks better that that Chevy. But a modified F150 with opening at the back seat to load longer materials would be great.
James Buchakian 10/16/2012
I know at less 4 fellow employee's that went to order a regular cap short bed (5.5 or 6 )ft bed F-150 with a v-8 ECOBOOST with 4x4 ,only to find this truck is not available.WHY can,t I order the truck that I want?
I have a friend that works at chrsyler and he informed me i can get what ever I want in there ram .I could never do that ,but can someone please explain.....
Dana L 10/13/2012
Bring Back The Sport Trac