F 150 Information Screen

By Ken F.

Under the GUAGES selection on the F 150 info screen could you please add other information selections like voltage, coolant temp, oil temp, boost pressure (for the ecoboost) and any other performance/convenience information that is of interest to users. It would also be nice if OBD II trouble codes could be displayed. It could help owners and techs solve problems.
Cory G 02/02/2013
Frankly, I'm disappointed that this isn't already on the new 2013s. Imagine being able to set a few custom guages and select the info you want. Really sad that the eco boost owners have no boost guage.
Fernando 01/03/2012
yes, it would be a great idea if OBD 11 trouble codes can be displayed
it can probably avoid ripoffs from dishonest dealers and mechanics
Matt Gawronski 12/31/2011
Would so love to have more gauges on my ecoboost as well