F-150 - Bed and Bedside Heights

By Matt S.

Please for the love of god, drop the bed height and bedside heights of the F-150 truck. For anyone that actually does real construction work, unless you are 6'6", you can't get any tools in and out of the truck without climbing in and onto the bed to load and unload tools. It is a complete pain. My family has owned Ford trucks for multiple generations and have not bought a new one since they had a 91 model....which my dad kept for 20+ years and reluctantly sold it maybe 3 years ago.

My dad and brother are 5'10 and 5'11 respectively, which is above the average male height of 5'9" and both still have a hard time with the newer F-150s.  My brother has a 2005 Dodge Dakota that he works out of now, only reason is that it is lower to the ground and can reach over the side of the truck bed with ease.

My youngest brother is 6'2, bought a new 2012 F-150, which is used mainly to drive to job sites and load large equipment from time to time...and still is inconvenient for him as well. He keeps a 98 Ford F-150 beater that he loads most of his tools and equipment into.

Any model after that 97 series sucks to do actual construction work out of....I guess anything newer is made for those that like to drive around and pretend to do actual construction work.
James Duderstadt 10/18/2013
Jim H & Matt SI hear you, nowadays most all pickups are too high off the ground to easily access the bed or the cargo within. Do you really find the the tailgate step & grab bar that helpful? It seems the grab bar would be in the way when loading or unloading  large materials      ( sheets of plywood etc). Also how durable is the tailgate step? I don't think it would last long out on the ranch or in the oil field where tailgates get bashed on a regular basis. Jim D
Jim H 09/09/2013
I have a 2012 F-150 4X4 and thank God I have the built-in step in the tailgate. I have to use it all the time. I also remember the days when you could reach in to grab something in the back. We have lost something along the way. I have been thinking about adding a folding step on each side as well - my feeling is those should be standard since you can't get in the bed without them.
Robert T 09/05/2013
Matt, we all know it dosn't make any sense. I heard that now if you don't by an extended cab, you will be bared from some options. Accountants rule and they don't drive trucks so they don't see anything wrong. We need for Henry to crawl out of his grave and instill some common sense. Like where is the Ranger?