F-150 5.5-ft. box on non-Raptor supercabs

Please combine the F-150 5.5-ft. box with a Supercab in other trim levels than the Raptor. This would provide a better compromise of length and versatility than a Supercrew for owners needing interior cargo and passenger capacity but not the back seat leg room of an SUV or family sedan most of the time. Maybe the XLT and other less upscale trims than the Lariat and above would be good candidates for such a Supercab and short box combination. Thanks.
J Sharp 07/06/2013
Overall length of the F150 (231 inches if you want any of features other than crew chief) make it too long for garages in even new homes and too long for drive ways in town home communities. First thing I did when I got a new house was buy the F150 I wanted for years. Still won't fit in my garage, but at least I have a drive way. offering the shorter bed on other trims would be a good idea.