Extendable bed

With my idea, the truck bed would look no different than it does now but it would be extendable. Unlike those bars that attach when the tailgate is down, my bed would extend out from itself, tailgate and rear lights included. It would be like pulling out a drawer. The extendable part of the bed floor would simply slide out from underneath the main bed. The side walls of the extension would just slide in and out from the main walls of the bed. The tailgate and rear lights are attached to the extension. So when it is extended, the lights are still at the very back, able to be seen by other motorists and the tailgate can remain closed. When you are done and no longer need the long bed, just push it back in like shutting a drawer.
Steven Z 07/26/2013
It is a great idea if it was motorized like a pop-out on an RV. As long as it didn't add a lot of weight decreasing payload weight capacity and gas mileage. Most times I like a shorter pickup for looks and parking...but when getting 4x8 sheets of wood or wallboard I like the longer bed so I can keep the tailgate up.