Explorer 3rd row delete option

By Marc W.

I would like to see the option of ordering the Explorer without the 3rd row, there are some of us who would buy the car for the extra space in the back. I currently have and Edge Sport and would consider an Explorer Sport for my next car as I have 2 big dogs and the extra space in the back would be nice. However I have no need for a 3rd row seat at all and would prefer the SUV without it. Would be nice to have the option with any of the models to order it without the 3rd row and just have the extra space available. Please consider this as an option in the upcoming models.
David B 01/27/2013
I agree. I didn't want a third seat when I was shopping for a SUV so I dropped the Explorer from my list!
Larry 01/16/2013
great idea as I too haul a big guy. How about posting factory removal procedure?
Roger D 01/16/2013
I would also like the extra space in my Explorer. I use it to haul a big dog and cargo like camping gear rather than people. I will probably never use the third row.