European designed cargo van!

By Mike R.

When I first heard that Ford was coming out with a sprinter type of van I was prepaired to dash to the dealership to purchase one.Then I saw it,boy was I let down.Wow another mini van.I myself am a tradesman and have bean my whole life.I have always bought extended Ford cargo vans.There was so much room in them vans.But now there is the sprinter,tradesman everywhere can now fit more stuff in there van and best of all for us older guys being able to sweep our vans or find a tool has become a pleasure as aposed to chore. No more crawling around on your knees to grab a tool!You guys at Ford really need to get on board with this!I see ambulance companys switching to these vans.I myself made the switch.Am I happy?Absolutley not, I would much rather drive aFord,there just to small.You guys don't even need to drasticly change the assembly line.You can just make taller walls, windshield's and the doors,and dont go back to them caps on top that's just not gonna work.You guy's have an awsome new grill design for your van's (Deisel) now all you need to do is put a big tall van behind it!Ok so here it goes, if you guys build it I will buy it and I will let You burn my fine example of german enginearing on your front lawn lmao.No it really is a peice of over priced junk
Jim N 03/23/2014
I feel this is even bigger than the Crown Vic discontinuation. I'd call this shooting Yourself in the other foot, for the second time.
in both cases they were/are not just the segment leader but the majority of the segment.
I am thinking Ford had close to 80%? market share on full size Vans here in the US? I Never want trust my life riding to the hospital in a GM vehicle.  Most importantly what are we going to use for an ambulance here in the U.S.?