Escape with cooled and heated seats.

My wife and I want a new escape but the deal breaker will be if we have the option of cooled and heated seats. My 2011 f150 has heated/cooled seats and we live in West Texas. Leather seats get hot in the summer!
Don Sieg 04/19/2014
Love the cooled seats. Want them and a power opening drivers door Now!
Chuck Julian 02/02/2012
Even more important than heated or cooled seats would be to have comfortable seats like those on the Explorer or Taurus. The Escape seats are very uncomfortable.
David Moro 01/31/2012
I use the cooled seats all the time in the summer. One even cooler thing would be if I didn't have to turn them on every time I get in the car, especially when I'm running a lot of quick errands.