Ergonomic modular change for baby seats

After having twins and realizing front leg room (I am 6'1") is a little tight in my large vehicles (96 Impala SS, 01 F-150 King Ranch crew cab, and 06 Grand Marquis, I thought of a fix. What if the rear seat cushions had Velcro removable inserts in the back section? The sound dampening separating the trunk, steel framing, and cloth or vinyl cover can remain. But the 2" thick or so foam rear seat with cover as well as the foam curvature of the seat back may total 3" gain with insert removed. This will provide a flat reseced section that can still use the seat belts and child anchors.  The newer rear facing child seats such as Graco "snap-and-go" recline the baby much more than older design baby car seats. And people have not been able to place a child in the front seat due to air bags in years. Also if you thin out the top of the front seats further, you can gain more room. (Less occupant load on impact at the top of the seat anyway). The front seat is always reclined slightly aft, yet the rear facing installed child seat protrudes forward most at the top. Thus my head rest and top of my front seat rear always contacts the child seat.  

This design change may then allow people to move back out of large SUVs and into cars (assisting Ford to meet CAFE standards). Also it will help Ford fight the increased rear leg room 2014 Corolla, a car that can fit a car seat.